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== Intro ==
xbprint is a xaml document printing .NET library, stand-alone application, add-in for Expression Blend 3 and plug-in for Kaxaml 1.0.

== License ==
(content is located in License.txt file and applies to all project files)

== Minimum requirements ==
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 or other OS that supports .NET 3.5
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 or later
  • Optional: Microsoft Expression Blend v3, v4 or Kaxaml v1.0

== How to install ==

=== Stand-alone application ===
Extract files from the archive to a directory.

=== Expression Blend ===
Create a folder named "Addins" in Expression Blend directory and copy plug-in files to that folder.

If Expression Blend directory is located in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\" then create "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\Addins\" directory and copy files "Print.Blend.Addin", "Oxage.Printing.Blend.AddIn.dll" and "Oxage.Printing.Control.dll" into that directory. So the copied "Print.Blend.Addin" should be located as "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\Addins\Print.Blend.Addin".

=== Kaxaml ===
Copy "PrintPlugin.dll" to "Plugins" directory from Kaxaml directory. Copy "Oxage.Printing.Control.dll" to Kaxaml root directory.

== How to uninstall ==
Remove key from registry: HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Oxage\xbprint

=== Stand-alone application ===
Remove extracted files.

=== Expression Blend ===
Remove copied files from "Addins" folder.

=== Kaxaml ===
Remove files "PrintPlugin.dll" from "Plugins" directory and "Oxage.Printing.Control.dll" from Kaxaml directory.

== How to build source code ==
Unpack source code files to a working directory.

If you are using Visual Studio open xbprint.sln and set starting project to Oxage.Printing.WPF. If the Expression Blend directory is other than "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\" remove references in Oxage.Printing.Blend.Addin project and add them again using the right path.

If you are using msbuild.exe edit make.bat and change MSBUILD variable. Save the .bat file and run it.

Project has been originally created with Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5 on Windows Vista 32-bit.

== How to use it ==

=== Expression Blend ===
When the plug-in is installed open Expression Blend, go to "Window" in menu and check the "Print" item. A panel named "Print" appears.

Open a xaml document in Expression Blend. Set properties in Print panel and click Print. Select a printing device and click OK.

=== Kaxaml ===
Similar to Expression Blend except that plug-in is already loaded on startup.

== Notes ==
All printing units are in millimeters (mm).

Settings are saved to registry: HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Oxage\xbprint

== Troubleshooting ==
Q: "Print" item does not appear in "Window" menu.
A: Make sure you have copied all three files in the right directory (folder "Addins" with "s"). Make sure you are using the right version of Expression Blend (see minimum requirements). Restart Expression Blend if plug-in has been installed during the application running time.

Q: Artwork is visible in Expression Blend design window but no preview is available in Print Preview panel.
A: Make sure you are working with WPF project. Silverlight has different rendering engine - if you have any idea how to display Silverlight content in preview window, please discuss on the project's website.

Q: Printed document does not look like on preview.
A: This is a beta version and not fully tested. Please, report your problem at the project's website.

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